Joe V. Knox Auditorium


The Joe V. Knox Auditorium, located within The Charles Mack Citizen Center, is a convenient location for a wide array of performances and events. Often referred to as Mooresville’s best-kept secret, the Citizen Center’s auditorium offers the ideal venue for theater performances, concerts, recitals and other artistic endeavors. Planning a business function? The 18′ x 14.5′ projection screen and theater-style seating provide the perfect setting for meetings, seminars and motivational speeches.

Named for Joe V. Knox – the town’s mayor for 30 years – the auditorium celebrates the contribution Knox made to the town’s commerce and culture. His legacy is evident in the Citizen Center’s ongoing commitment to share this outstanding facility with the entire community.

With seating for 235 people, the handsomely appointed auditorium accommodates audiences in comfort and style. Special features include a state-of-the-art sound and light booth, digital projection capabilities and a spacious staging area, plus dressing rooms and restroom facilities. These amenities continue to draw local, regional and even national clients who seek a smooth and trouble-free auditorium experience.