Chef Inspired, Nutritionist Reviewed

Chef Inspired, Nutritionist Reviewed - FITmeals (tm)

Catering is "What We Do!" But we are always meeting our Catering Clients request for Specialty Meals for there Guest's dietary issues. We are Now LAUNCHING on the 1st week of Aprilt, 2018, with our "Executive Chef Inspired Meal programs" backed by our partnership with a certified "Integrative Nutrition Health Coach" (INHC) & certified "Gourmet Chef"  enjoyable FITmeals (tm) program options. We offer custom prepared meal programs from our new Catering Kitchen in Mooresville for you to enjoy at home, or at the office. Choose from weekly special selections in Sets of 3 Ready to Heat & Eat meals!

Chef Inspired, Locally Sourced, Farm to Kitchen, Fresh Made, Gluten Free and Direct Delivery to You anywhere in the Lake Norman Region to start, or can be picked up at our Langtree Catering CAFE. 

Beef with a Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce, Sweet Potato Hash and Mixed Vegetables.

FITcuisine (tm)

LAUNCHING1st week of April, 2018

Great Chef Inspired Cuisine, Ready to Heat in a handy PBA Free, Microwavable Container. Never frozen, always fresh, priced the right way and looks just as good as in the CAFE'!.

(SAMPLE to the Right) Beef with a Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce, Sweet Potato Hash and Mixed Vegetables.

Can be purchased Online for Direct Delivery to your door or via Pick up at our Langtree Catering CAFE!

Want it Hot? Can be made to order and delivered to your door during our CAFE open business hours via UBEReats App or Ordered Online via our Online Store!

Power of 3 - Food. Fitness. Focus

We are Caterers First, and designed FITmeals (tm) and FITcuisine (tm) for a healthier way to eat. No Weight Loss meals, points or empty promises. But Our NEW Partnership with the all-inclusive wellness and weight loss program provider ties perfectly with our FITmeals (tm) programs. Helping people eat healthy, stay healthy, and lose weight with personalized nutrition programs, custom-made fitness plans, and supportive behavior techniques for healthy and sustainable living.  


We can help implement your Corporate Wellness program or custom design one for your company. 

Food. Fitness. Focus

Weekly Pick 3 Meal Plan ($30)

All Meals are prepared for Reheating in a BPA Free container. All are made to heat as follows: Heat in microwave on high for 1 Minute, or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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